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This Story Behind Bruce Lee Will Haunt You Forever!

Wherever we live in this world, we have absolutely came across the name” Bruce Lee”, It is not just a name but also an EMOTION. In this blog, we are going to talk about the history of the Legend “ Bruce lee”

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 in America and died on 20 July 1973 in Hong Kong. Still, now his death is an unsolved mystery.

He had died at the age of 32 but his achievements and popularity still live in this world.

Bruce lee’s parents had gone to America in search of a job in china. But after the birth of bruce lee, their parents had decided to go to their native place Hong Kong.

During his childhood, Bruce lee’s father made him act in the movies. I hope these experiences in childhood had created a spark in bruce lee to achieve his goals in the cinema industry.

We will be thinking that bruce lee is spending his childhood in a good manner but in reality, he is a very naughty boy during his childhood.

Even bruce lee’s parents had challenged him to sit in a place without doing anything, but he couldn’t do it. He is such a hyperactive kid in his childhood.

When bruce lee started to study in the school, his teachers recognized him and intimated to his parents that he is not interested in his studies.

Even bruce lee had said this thing in many interviews that, he is not fond of studying and he doesn’t like this education system.

In spite of acting in cinemas, He also involved in street fights. He’ll be always fighting with the other kids.

One day, Bruce lee’s teachers said that there is a big boxing tournament which is going to be conducted between their school and the other schools, Hence his teachers insisted bruce lee participate in that competition.

And also bruce lee had dreamt as he was getting beaten by the other set of boys. Because of these two reasons, Bruce was keen on learning to defend and attack, and “KUNG FU” is the martial art that helped bruce lee to attain it.

He learned kung fu through his masters. One among the master is very favorite to bruce lee and his name is “Yip Man” who is the reason for the success of bruce lee in becoming one of the masters in Martial arts.

Finally, the day of the boxing competition arrives and bruce lee is knocking his enemies one by one and in the finals, he is going to compete with his opponent who had won the Boxing Cup for the past three years.

Whereas bruce is a fresher and had little knowledge about kung fu. But, Unexpectedly Bruce Lee defeated his Opponent and won the Match. This made his popularity spread all over Hong Kong.

After this, he again started involving in street fights. On seeing this Bruce lee’s parents had sent him to America at the end of his teenage. During his livelihood in America, he had faced many bad situations due to racial discrimination.

Later he married an American woman, When he asked permission from her parents, they hesitated him due to racism. Due to the affection of his wife, They both were married.

Because of this racial discrimination, He thought that martial arts could break this obstacle in spite of language, religion, state, country, etc…And so practiced kung fu very furiously and gave taught kung fu to many people.

In America, Bruce lee spends most of the time in solitude and he trained his body very strongly. One day he was invited to a school as a guest and to show what is kung fu.

After raising the stage, He pointed out a bulk man among the crowd and asked him to compete with him. The whole crowd was laughing but after the entry of that bulk person, on the 2nd minute, he was knocked down by bruce lee.

Then he became famous all over America and many Americans started to join in bruce lee’s kung fu class.

On seeing this many of the Chinese said that kung fu is only meant for Chinese people not for Americans. Further, some of them came up with a deal that there is one of the incredible kung fu masters in America if bruce lee defeats him, then he could teach Kung fu in America.

If not bruce lee has to leave America. And these conditions were accepted by bruce lee. That particular day arrives, Everyone is eagerly waiting for that contest. These two legends had entered the ground, at the 3rd minute the opponent of bruce lee fallen on the ground.

Bruce lee wins. After that fight, he became very sad and sat alone. At this period of time, His wife asked the reason for his sadness. He said that this is the longest time in his life to defeat his enemy.

In the later period, He became a legendary actor in the movie industry. He acted in many movies which became a hit and bruce lee was recognized as a Talented artist by the people.

During his last movie shoot, He was collapsed and fallen down on the set in Hong Kong. And he was taken to the hospital where he has diagnosed with a disease. After that incident, he was found dead at his friend’s house.

The story of bruce lee ends very sadly. Even today many conspiracy theories were roaming around the world regarding the death of bruce lee like some of their haters killed him, the Chinese killed him because he taught kung fu to Americans, Americans had killed him due to his growth in the movie industry, etc…

His death is still an unsolved mystery. But even today, many people around the world is a huge fan of bruce lee. I hope that this story will push you towards your dream and makes you brave enough to smash way your obstacles. And my question is, What made Bruce lee to achieve his goals? and what inspired you from this story? Leave your comments down in the Comment section. See you in the blog, Until spread positivity and stay connected❣️