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I know, most of you will be thinking of this meditation, not as a serious practice.

Personally, I am practicing this divine practice for about two years.

So I hope that I’ll able to give a complete guide to you regarding Meditation from my experience.

Let’s dive right in:

Nowadays, people used to practice meditation by knowing its enormous benefits from the internet.

If you have no idea about this, some of the benefits and practical ways to start your meditation will be given in further points.

Rest is important, am I right?

Have you given rest to your body…

Today, we will see how to express your love language and maintain a good relationship with your mate.

This blog covers the practical ways which were suggested in the book”The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.

Love is not just the three words” I LOVE YOU”

Love is more than those sentiments and touchy feelings.

When you are in love with someone, you will have high energy to do whatever your loved ones may ask.

But After some time, this impact or energy from you will be decreased.

And it doesn’t mean that your affection towards your lover is becoming…

In today’s blog, we are going to explore running. Sometimes we start to inculcate the habit of running when we acquire motivation from something.

But we’ll quit running as soon as we began But are many amazing facts about running and how to continue this immortal practice.



Running helps burn a lot of calories and hence reduce body fat.

Running also raises the metabolic rate. The above two helps to achieve weight control.


Increases HDL(good cholesterol)

Decreases total cholesterol and LDL(bad cholesterol)

Improves glucose tolerance and reduces insulin resistance.


Regular running…

As “NATIONAL PARANORMAL DAY” is celebrated today, we will explore something really interesting about this fishy Topic…

Today we are going to talk about the Unexplored topics which are ghost and paranormal activities. Paranormal is the phenomena that exist beyond the normal scientific understandings. Hence it is a controversial topic, which we will be exploring in depth from a religious and scientific perspective.

All around the world above 40% of people claim that there is a ghost further 20% of people claim that they have seen the ghost. During ancient times, There was a huge belief in the presence of…

Hi all, Today we are going to explore about How to get six-packs in a very short time!

We have seen many bodybuilders and models having these six-packs and we’ll be thinking of ourselves as having six-packs in our dream.

Here are the topmost tips from the experts to convert your six-pack dream to reality.

First of all, the six-packs are formed in the muscle called as rectus abdominis.

Important thing is, it is a single muscle!. Depending upon your genetics, it will be a six-pack or even eight pack!

These partitions were naturally present in our body for everyone…

Today we are going to explore the book “Digital minimalism” by Cal Newport. And this will be helpful to break the cell phone addiction. I hope this blog will be a game-changer in your life. This blog is for the people who waste their precious time on social media and spending the time unproductively.

For many of us, starting from the morning and at the end of the night, we couldn’t remember what we have done. Because we are simply scrolling through Instagram and updating status on WhatsApp.

We could feel that our phone is taking control over and not…

Today we are going to explore one of the biggest inspiring personalities “Jack Ma”.Have you ever faced rejections in your life?. Of course, you would have faced at some points in your lifetime. But Jack Ma had faced extreme failures and attained extreme success in his life.

Jack ma was born on 15 October 1964 in southeastern china. During this period of time, China was isolated from western countries. His family background was very poor. He used to be lean and his physical appearance was very poor.

As a result, he had no friends in his childhood. This was said…

Today we are going to explore the story of Stephen Hawking who is nicknamed “Einstein” by his friends. I will assure you that this blog will change your life.

Some people were always criticizing their life. They have many problems like they feel depressed, they don’t have enough money, and there is no time to do their work productively, life is full of problems, etc…

After hearing This story you will throw out all your silly reasons to do something and will start to work for your dream.

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 and died on 14…

The story of the richest person on this planet I am talking about Elon musk who is currently the CEO as well as CTO of SpaceX chairman of Solarcity and also chief product architect of tesla motors. He is the founder of and the boring company and has co-founded openai, zip2, and neuralink.

Elon is a multi-billionaire with a total net worth of 205 billion dollars. we all know that he is a billionaire he is a successful man and he has established several successful companies. however, have you ever wondered how did he reach this point? …

Wherever we live in this world, we have absolutely came across the name” Bruce Lee”, It is not just a name but also an EMOTION. In this blog, we are going to talk about the history of the Legend “ Bruce lee”

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 in America and died on 20 July 1973 in Hong Kong. Still, now his death is an unsolved mystery.

He had died at the age of 32 but his achievements and popularity still live in this world.

Bruce lee’s parents had gone to America in search of a job in…

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